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prissy girls


prissy community!&
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maintainer &mod- emily(primp)
mod- kary(lasted)
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prissies is a community for prisses. here we will make posts &talk to one another about the latest trends &about your favorite outfits &brands. post about your favorite magazines or about a topic that they talked about in that magazine. post about makeup, about what kinds you wear, how you apply your makeup, makeup techniques, etc. post about your favorite bands, your favorite songs, &just anything about music. post pictures of yourself whenever you want to &pls keep all the dissing out of the community, you may tell a person whether you like how they look or not.. b/c voicing your opinion is cool.. but keep the racist comments &gender comments out.

if you want to be a part of this community.. first you have to join. then make a post including:

-4 pictures of you. (make sure they're resized so they don't take forever to load &put them behind a lj cut!).

-name, age, location, favorite clothing brand, favorite store to shop @, favorite magazine, favorite makeup brand, &favorite singer or band &favorite song.

-include anything else about you that you'd like us to know.

-put your AOL sn at the end (if you have one).

-add a 100x100 picture of you for the members page.

-put "prissy girls rox!" somewhere on your post please.

then you will be accepted or you won't. most of you will be.. this isn't a rating community.. it just depends on whether me &the fellow mod(kary) like you or not. thnx!!! <33

here are the buttons to put in your info to link other people to our community: